#GoodCamp Just Got “Gooder”! 


Founder Jenifer Daniels is expanding her vision, partnering with YNPN Charlotte to grow #GoodCamp.


#GoodCamp Returns Spring 2017


“I started #GoodCamp because there are only so many times one can ‘have their brain picked’ over coffee. After experiencing the unconference model in action, I knew that the nonprofit community would be receptive to the idea and bring their best to the event.” -Jenifer Daniels, #GoodCamp Founder


What is #GoodCamp Unconference?

Founded in 2014 by tech entrepreneur Jenifer Daniels, #GoodCamp is a user-generated, unconference advancing effective public relations, social media, marketing, technology and skills for nonprofits and nonprofit professionals. It's not your average conference. No theme, no bazillion long workshop sessions, no conference swag, no crowds!

#GoodCamp is a low-cost alternative to conferences. All nonprofit professionals should attend!

#GoodCamp will become YNPN Charlotte’s signature event and major fundraiser.

Who should attend #GoodCamp?

Any do-gooder can attend #GoodCamp. We love to see nonprofit professionals from various fields and backgrounds at #GoodCamp. It doesn't matter if you're in leadership, PR, marketing, volunteer recruitment, philanthropy, program management or if you're a student, board member, or are seeking a transition to the nonprofit sector, everyone is welcome! You're sure to learn something that you can use at work on Monday!

What's the purpose of #GoodCamp?

#GoodCamp equips nonprofit professionals with a safe space to grow tribes, share resources, and receive affordable, reliable professional development.

When is #GoodCamp 2017?

#GoodCamp (3) will take place in Spring 2017. 

What happens during an Unconference?

Based on the open-source uncoference model, BarCamp, #GoodCamp is attendee-driven, flexible, and organic. The event lasts one day. The agenda and speakers are selected the day of the event.

#GoodCamp provides a unique learning opportunity because of the 'safe space' concept. Nonprofit professionals identify their skills gaps and collaborate to discover solutions. #GoodCamp is a tribe of peers pooling resources and working together to shorten the learning curve.

There are a few principles to an un-conference:

  • anyone can introduce/pitch a discussion topic for a workshop session
  • everyone is expected to engage, participate and contribute. If you hate public speaking, offer to take notes and blog them for everyone to share, or find another creative way to add something.
  • if you find yourself somewhere that you are not comfortable, follow the "Rule of Two Feet": use your own two feet to move somewhere else where you can contribute.

Is there a cost to attend #GoodCamp?

Of course, all great things come at a price. Stay tuned for #GoodCamp 2017 pricing. Stay connected with us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram @YNPNCharlotte. You may catch a sneaky discount code floating around on these sites. Registration will be opening soon. 

Learn How You Can Pitch Your Workshop Session to Be a #GoodCamp Presenter!